We have recently signed the EVcom commitment charter of the Voluntary Commitments for the Environment programme. For the next three years, our two companies ED-TRANS and NTL-FRANCE will work towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 5%.

The transition to clean energy isn’t going to happen by itself. Everyone is talking about the climate challenge, but it’s time to take action. As a company, profitability is not our only focus: we put environmental issues at the heart of what we do.” says Cécile Jacquemin, Director of ED-TRANS. Our transport activities are often seen as polluting, so we have the scope to reduce our impact. Through a series of actions, we are aiming to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 5%.



1. Better managing our transport.

We are strengthening our partnerships with hauliers who themselves are committed to an environmentally responsible approach and we are carrying out more groupage transport services from our various customers. We are also offering more road-rail solutions to our customers depending on the opportunities we have in France and in Europe.

2. Educating our customers about environmental issues.

We are providing an estimate of the CO2 emissions produced by our shipments. Our customers are encouraged to anticipate their needs to optimise transportation solutions.

3. Stepping up our CSR efforts

As working citizens, we are taking positive steps by reducing our water and energy consumption in our offices. We are reaffirming our support for The SeaCleaners in their fight against plastic pollution in the oceans.



This commitment to EVcom is the best way for us to really make an impact. The programme’s method and tools allow us to accurately measure our efforts and to better exchange data with our customers and partners. This is invaluable for our staff, who are fully involved in the process.” adds Cécile Jacquemin.