In January 2020, we embarked on a great ecological adventure with The SeaCleaners. Founded by the famous skipper Yvan Bourgnon, it is a team and a project that is committed to preserving the oceans. They carry out protective, preventative and collection measures all over the world. This is our first major sponsorship: one year of giving back.

We wanted our customers to be on board with this partnership. So, with the teams at The SeaCleaners, we opted for one contribution for every shipment we carried out. Every time we ship an order, €1 is donated to the ecological project. In 2020, despite the COVID-19 crisis, we largely delivered on our commitments. Through the work of our five branches, we have donated an incredible €35,000 to The SeaCleaners’ ecological project! We’d like to thank our customers for their participation.

This way of involving customers in our project is a wonderful idea. And above all, it is an excellent way to involve people and economic players in the fight against plastic pollution in the oceans, says Yvan Bourgnon, founder of The SeaCleaners.


Beautiful” finds at World CleanUp Day in Carquefou

As well as feeling immensely proud of the financial contributions we have made to the efforts by The SeaCleaners, we, as a company, have been doing our bit to help fight against plastic pollution. In September, the ED-TRANS staff participated in World CleanUp Day by involving 70 employees and families and collecting 50 kg of waste around their branches. In order to take action as early as possible, forget plastic bottles and make way for glass bottles!

Our customers appreciate this initiative and encourage us by entrusting ED-TRANS with more and more shipments.


This week, The SeaCleaners unveiled the model of the ‘Manta’, its first-of-its-kind high-tech factory ship, that will collect, process and repurpose marine plastic waste directly on board.  It is an ambitious, huge and somewhat crazy project that has only been made possible with the help of donations.

We will at the very least continue our commitment until the ‘Manta’ is launched!