For several years now, we have been organising the transportation of imported and exported goods across the world for our customers. By gaining this accreditation, we can ensure seamless air freight-related operations and we offer even more competitive rates. 


IATA (International Air Transport Association) is the trade association for the majority of the world’s airlines: 240 companies, representing 84% of air traffic. Its purpose is to promote the development of air transport by unifying and coordinating international standards and regulations. It is particularly active in the fields of passenger and air cargo security



Being accredited by IATA is a testament to our commitment and ambition when it comes to air freight. Our accreditation shows we are among the best in the industry! For us, it’s a time saver but above all a sign of credibility with our customers” says Cécile Jacquemin, Development Director of the ED-TRANS Group.

For the past year, the airline industry has suffered greatly due to the pandemic. Prices are soaring and capacities are reduced, but companies are adapting and offering solutions” says Ludovic Ledoux, Import/Export Air Business Manager at ED-TRANS.



In 2020, international transport, whether by road, maritime or air, represented 68% of ED-TRANS’ turnover. This trend is driven by the strength of international trade, by the strong presence of our international customers and by our staff’s expert knowledge of international procedures.

Air freight represents a growing part of the Group’s overseas operations. Although air freight is more expensive, it is the preferred choice for shipments requiring short delivery times over long distances.

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