The company Dasplet is well known in the region of Lyon. It specialises in the production of fossil moulds and skeletons of dinosaurs and other extinct creatures. Its founder, Grégory Bonnard, is passionate about prehistoric animals and an avid collector of dinosaur replicas. Its premises are located near our Lyon office, in the town of Saint-Priest. Here’s what ED-TRANS and Grégory had to say about this new successful collaboration.


Grégory and his team ship their works all over the world to many museums and exhibition rooms. With little knowledge about international transportation, they were used to dealing with their clients’ freight forwarders. But this way of doing things wasn’t working We regularly encountered problems and there was a lack of coordination,” explains the Director of Dasplet.

At the time when Marina, Overseas Business Manager at ED-TRANS, met Grégory, he had a shipment to arrange to Japan. Grégory had a few requirements, including very tight deadlines and needing some support with the administrative and customs procedures”.



However, he had no particular request when it came to the mode of transport or the type of Incoterm to implement. So, the overseas team worked with him to find the best solution:

  • Maritime freight? Which port offers the shortest transit time? The best service?
  • Air freight? Which airport? Which Incoterm to use for Japan?

Due to time constraints, the best option was shipping to Nagoya via air freight using the CIP (“Carriage and Insurance Paid To”) incoterm.

The pieces of the company Dasplet equip museums, exhibition rooms but also private individuals.

The company’s exhibits are placed in museums and exhibition rooms, but they can also be purchased by individuals

A few weeks later, Grégory asked ED-TRANS to organise a second shipment to Miami via maritime freight. The United States have particularly complex customs procedures, notably the Automated Manifest System (AMS), whereby goods must be declared in detail 24 hours before departure. Beyond the prerogatives generally assigned to a freight forwarder, the staff didn’t hesitate to support their brand-new customer in drafting the AMS. Grégory had asked us to deliver the goods to his customer. As service providers, we advised him to opt for maritime freight to Miami using the CFR (Cost and Freight) Incoterm in order to limit the risks, in particular customs.” notes our team.

ED-TRANS provides impressive support. For me, exporting is a real headache. The overseas team spent a lot of time explaining the rules to me, filling in the customs documents, etc. Because of this, I have saved a lot of time on transport management”  says Grégory.

ED-TRANS is just as pleased with how things have worked out:Simplifying export procedures using a friendly and educational approach is what we do!”

Lyon and Overseas ED-TRANS teams


The ED-TRANS branch in Lyon also organises road transportation in France for Dasplet, and has the ability to offer a real coordination service to the recipients, whether they’re businesses or individuals. Whether it’s appointment scheduling, tailgate delivery, pallet truck, or home installation – our drivers are always at hand for dinosaur enthusiasts!



  • You want to start exporting and/or importing
  • You already ship to multiple destinations: France or overseas
  • You’re a VSB or SMB and have little time to spend on transport-related administrative procedures



  • Our specialists support your international growth and offer you optimised solutions for maritime or air freight worldwide.
  • Our business managers take care of the administrative and customs procedures.
  • We ensure a personalised follow-up of the various stages of your shipments and coordinate the service providers from the departure to the handover of the goods.