After ED-TRANS’s acquisition of NTL France in 2017, the companies needed to harmonise identities to increase their visibility.

With a turnover from export activity of more than €15m in 2017, in the last 15 years, ED-TRANS has become a major player in international transportation. Its new visual identity and brand tagline underline the group’s desire to highlight its expertise in the transport of goods both into and out of France.

This new image and clear positioning are shared by NTL France, which makes use of the same visual branding. “The harmonisation of identities creates a genuine fusion of the brands, enabling ED-TRANS to build its profile in France and across Europe too,” explains Fabrice Demossier, Director of ED-TRANS’s Rennes Agency and head of the group’s communications.

With an overall turnover of €22m and recognised expertise in international road, as well as maritime and air transport, ED-TRANS is the perfect partner to meet your needs for international goods shipments.