SGBALL is a company specialised in the design and production of sports balls and products for sports fans (flags, key rings, scarves, etc.). Located in Nantes, it is there that all the products are conceived and designed with a creative and personalised approach. The company is a favourite among major sports clubs and works for many events agencies around the globe. The Euro has come to an end, and so has an intense period for SGBALL.


Design Serigraf Ball

 “At that time, the shipping industry was facing some huge challenges, so there was no room for error when delivering to dozens of customers for a key event for our business. We were reassured by the expert knowledge, availability and response of the entire ED-TRANS team.” says Clément from SGBALL’s agency department.


The ED-TRANS 44 (Nantes) team spring into action to support SGBALL

When ED-TRANS sales representative Jimmy met with Clément from SGBALL, Clément had very precise specifications: he wanted to entrust all the logistical stages to a single partner, he had fairly tight time constraints and was looking for a team that would be able to get around the issues that the shipping sector was facing.


It has been an excellent opportunity to draw on our expertise on the various trades of logistics and it has been a small challenge to face given the current situation on international transport. The staff at SGBALL and ED-TRANS are working together on the upstream and downstream flow of this operation, from Shanghai to the end customers based in France:


  • Adeline, from the overseas department, organises imports to China for most of the goods by sea and for very urgent packages by air.
  • Thirty days after departing from Shanghai, the goods arrive in Le Havre, they are cleared through customs and then sent to our warehouse in the Nantes region. There, we make our docks available to our customer to unload, handle, palletise, label and prepare the reshipment of packages.
  • Then, Youenn, from the road transport department, takes charge of chartering the pallets heading to purchasing centres, shops and warehouses, schedules the appointments and checks whether the drop-off points are accessible. Xavier, our cargo handler, loads the pallets onto the lorries that we charter. Then, Maria, who is responsible for tracking, follows the delivery of the goods and personally informs our customer Serigraf and the end recipient.


Air import, maritime import, customs, storage, handling, domestic transport, international transport, tracking, and more – these cross-cutting approaches and multidisciplinary services make up the strength of a medium-sized organisation like ED-TRANS.



  • Entrusting different types of transportation to a single partner
  • Transporting within tight time frames, within an event framework
  • Ensuring delivery to multiple destination points
  • Cross-docking in the Nantes region




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