Marguerite & Cie is a young business which markets women’s sanitary products dispensers that are both body- and planet-friendly. The business provides hundreds of educational institutions (schools, universities), companies and communities with these products. Its tagline is “Let’s change the rules”. Marguerite & Cie is leading this revolution. Not only are the dispensed products made of natural and biodegradable materials, but they’re also made available for free.

Thanks to its convincing offering, the business has been a complete success. The staff even recently supplied about fifty institutions in Switzerland, which was its first international venture and its first need for international transport.


In January, Marguerite & Cie responded to a public tender issued by the canton of Vaud in Switzerland to deliver dispensers to 47 schools and sports halls. The criteria for this public contract were complex and strict in terms of transport, with specificities relating to customs procedures. We needed to gain an understanding in order respond more effectively and to be at the forefront of this key market” explains Karine Le Noane, Development Director.

Karine reached out to the ED-TRANS branch in Rennes. Listening, explaining and advising is part of our job. Besides, we love taking on unusual requests from exporters who are newly presenting their products to the market.” says Fabrice Demossier, Branch Manager. Before we even began working on the transportation side of things, we helped Marguerite & Cie work on the compliance of the transport service with the terms of the contract. Then in February, once the organisational side of things was all set, we set up the transportation, which involved:

  • Picking up full truckloads from Quimper
  • Managing customs procedures
  • Delivering to our partner’s logistics platform
  • Scheduling appointments and dispatching to the 47 delivery locations

Everything went according to plan: the 63 pallets were delivered within 4 days to the 47 end recipients with 0 failed deliveries and 0 second delivery attempts.



This was our first major international shipment and the staff at ED-TRANS were reassuring and responsive at every stage. Thanks to the successful working relationship between our two companies, we were able to meet the requirements of the public contract that we won, whilst bearing in mind our challenges” adds Maud Rambaud, Director of purchasing, logistics and production.

It has been an absolute pleasure working on this operation! We believe that the staff at Marguerite & Cie are fully invested in their mission. The products and partners have been chosen responsibly. For example, ESATs (French non-profit organisations that facilitate integration into the mainstream labour market) are responsible for packaging the products we have loaded. It has been great being involved from start to finish.” adds Fabrice Demossier.

This first collaboration was a complete success, and as a result, Marguerite & Cie has entrusted us with their other transportation needs in both France and abroad, especially with maritime groupage services for its overseas customers.

Equipe Marguerite et Cie


  • Advice in understanding international transport
  • A dedicated team member for all your transportation needs
  • A partner who takes care of the operations from start to finish
  • A haulier mindful of its impact on society


  • Support on Incoterms, customs and much more
  • Comprehensive transport services: road, air, maritime
  • A global approach: advice, transport organisation, dispatch, scheduling appointments, administrative procedures, etc.
  • A company that is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.